Team Marvie: My BEST TEAM!

TEAM MARVIE – My 2nd team in productions. I met them somewhere in November. These guys are cool, funny, fun-to-be-with and are performers!

I’m always been afraid getting involved with large groups. For years now, I always noticed that I become a loner when I’m surrounded with people, finding myself so alone; but my Team is an exception.

Out of a very busy and tight work environment, we still manage to laugh and smile. I can say that I found a family with them. Someone to share a life with.

Thanks to TL Marvie, who made me cry during coaching. I was highly motivated to bring out the best in me.

 TL Marvie 😀

Thanks to my ever-loving, sweet and fun teammates who always put a smile on my face.

Happy New Year!


CONVERGYS Christmas Party ’11

I am so happy to be part of the biggest BPO company in the Philippines. I can really say that all agents working in Convergys are excellent in call handling knowing how Convergys really performs outstandingly.

It was my very first time in the company to join the biggest christmas Party of the year for Convergys.

This is how I looked like on that one special night.

More pictures! 😀

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A Troubled Day

Earlier, I need to make a very hard decision. I thought about it a million times and even wished for a sign.

I was sitting near Ayala’s Entrance, in front of Krispy Kreme, sitting and wondering: To risk or Not to risk?

After 2 hours of thinking and questioning myself, I decided to pushed through with fingers-crossed.

Transactions made.

I went to Starbucks after, took a sip of Frapuccino Mocha (Blended Ice Coffee) and ate a slice of Mango Yogurt Cheesecake. I was able to see the Terraces view of Ayala at around 7pm. Beautiful and stress-releasing.

I strolled around and took some shots. Here are some of the pictures:

AYALA CENTER – Located in Cebu, the commercial, cultural and political core of Southern Philippines, Ayala Center Cebu is the region’s premier shopping, dining and entertainment destination. Newly expanded to provide more rewarding experiences amidst a masterfully-designed space, it offers only well-thought-of retail and leisure choices embodying the discriminating and distinctive taste of the Cebuanos. (an excerpt from

Of course, my Narcissistic side played it’s part. Can’t help taking some pictures of myself. Here’s how I look earlier:

More of me, tadan!

After all the wondering and wandering, I decided to go home. I took a cab, changed my clothes and lay in our sofa for a quick review of what had happened today.



I would like to dedicate this blog to my best of friend, my adviser, my mentor, my partner in crime and my partner in life, Kim.

Who taught me to be a better person, encourages me that I can do a lot better than any other people, who always reminds me that I am special and loved and who always supports me in all walks of life.

She would always tell me that I’m a cry baby.

I’m deeply emotional person inside, but is smooth and confident on the outside. My first love is of home and family and is nurturing and caring in the family setting, creating a cozy, comfortable, safe existence behind the doors of my own home.

 I’m a loving kid with a long memory, who never forgets an emotional event. A child whose well-attuned to my surroundings, almost from birth, and can detect  any unsettled atmosphere in the home, making it important to keep home life as stable and serene as possible.


I’m a romantic partner and you have a caring, insightful, and sentimental partner indeed.   Although I will demand complete honesty and fidelity from you, be aware that it is not above me to dally once in a while.  Rest assured, though, that my real roots are with those to whom I have made a commitment, and that’s you.  I have a deep-seated need to care for others, and as such will make an excellent caretaker.

  Some might find me lavish attention a bit smothering, however, and if I does not feel that my efforts are appreciated, I will fall into a deep funk that may be quite hard to reverse.  Many find me difficult to understand, as my emotions sometimes overrule my more sensible side.  In order to have a successful relationship with me, you must choose to accept mood swings and the occasional need that you has to withdraw completely at times.  

I equates money with security, and along with providing a comfortable home, will also likely see to it that there is a comfortable nest egg in reserve too.  


Thank you for all the understanding, care and most especially selfless love you have shown me. I barely knew that I’m  hard to handle at times but you have lengthen your patience and extended your understanding. The world has turned against us but you opted to stay and walk with me all along.
You might not believe the following words that I had to say, but this might be the best time to tell you.
All along, I know that this love would walked through rocky roads and stormy seas. First, because we knew all along that what we have is not normal. Second, I was the Unica Hija of the family and I really do not know where, what and how to say it to my family and friends. This love from the beginning took so many risks and I even chose to be involved with all these issues without even thinking what other people might have to say about it; but I walked with you all along. And I hope that’s something you always look forward to.
We might have small and big fights, but I stayed with you. This relationship might not be normal but I choose to be with you in the public without feeling dismayed and ashamed that I’m with you. 
You never knew what my struggles are. But I love you and that’s all that really matters to me. I don’t care what other people has to say.

I love you! 

You can watch the video from this link:

The lyrics goes like this:

John Dittrich  vocals/drums
Paul Gregg     bass/vocals
Dave Innis     keyboards/vocals
Greg Jennings  guitar

A9 A Amaj7 A

A               D
The road I have travelled on
E                    A
Is paved with good intentions
A                  D
It's littered with broken dreams
     Bm               E
That never quite came true
A              D
When all of my hopes were dying
E         A
Her love kept me trying
F#m         Bm
She doesn't have to hide
    E                    A
The pain that she's been through
         D         A
When she cries at night
        Bm      E          A
And she doesn't think that I can hear her
    D        A            B7              Esus E
She tries to hide all the fears she feels inside
     D         A
So I pray this time
      Bm     E        A     F#m
I can be the man that she deserves
         Bm                E
'Cause I die a little each time
         A   A9 A Amaj7 A
When she cries
A                 D
She's always been there for me
E                 A
Whenever I've falling
When nobody else believed
Bm                   E
She'd be there by my side
A            D
I don't know how she takes it
E           A
Just once I like to make it
F#m                Bm
Then there'll be tears of joy
        E               A
That'll fill her loving eyes
         D         A
When she cries at night
        Bm      E          A
And she doesn't think that I can hear her
    D        A            B7              Esus E
She tries to hide all the fears she feels inside
     D         A
So I pray this time
      Bm     E        A     F#m
I can be the man that she deserves
         Bm                E
'Cause I die a little each time
When she cries


     D          A
So I pray this time
      Bm     E        A      F#m
I can be the man that she deserves
         Bm                 E
'Cause I die a little each time
         D       A  Bm E Am
When she criesRestless Heart "Big Iron Horses"
BMG RCA Records 1992

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I strongly agree.

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.
Gustave Flaubert

Writing is the representation of language in a textual medium through the use of a set of signs or symbols (known as a writing system).[1] It is distinguished from illustration, such as cave drawing and painting, and non-symbolic preservation of language via non-textual media, such as magnetic tape audio. (An excerpt from

It’s an art of expressing yourself, saying your deepest thoughts, describing your feelings through words and making the readers feel how truly exciting, lonely, painful, happy and all other emotions we know of through the words you write at an exact moment of your life.

Perhaps I love writing because I’m a person who doesn’t say much of my thoughts, who doesn’t say what I feel, and who feels so alone in the world.

With all the things that is happening around me since I was a child, I learned to make my pen and paper my best friend in times of rejection and loneliness.

There was a saying, “The pen is mightier than the sword” – a metonymic adage coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839 for his play Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy.[1][2] The play was about Cardinal Richelieu, though in the author’s words “license with dates and details… has been, though not unsparingly, indulged.”[1] The Cardinal‘s line in Act II, scene II, was more fully:[3]

True, This! —
Beneath the rule of men entirely great,
The pen is mightier than the sword. Behold
The arch-enchanters wand! — itself a nothing! —
But taking sorcery from the master-hand
To paralyse the Cæsars, and to strike
The loud earth breathless! — Take away the sword —States can be saved without it!

Even Jose Rizal, our National Hero used his pen and paper to fight against the Spaniards.
More blogs to come. 😀