My Security Blanket: Pen and Paper

I missed you. Yes you, my pen and paper

I can still remember how my Mom raised me up. She actually spend all her time teaching me how to read and write. She was successful and I grew up with good highest honors.

However, I strongly believe that being a good writer with full of thoughts can’t be taught. I know right, it runs in my blood.

I started to write as early as my elementary years. I can still remember when our teacher forced us to buy a diary and learn to fill at least one page of it everyday. I did and that’s when I realized that I really love to record all my thoughts.

I wrote poems and requested them to publish in our Year Book which they actually promised but never did, simply because I didn’t saw any of my poems on each of the page. But I never stopped there.

When I reached high school, I started writing short stories. Our English teacher also encouraged us to write everyday. There was one time when my teacher borrowed my notebook just because she loves my writings. She even gave me a bookmark telling me to write more. I can still remember her last name, my memory isn’t that bad though, it was Ms. Jamito.

When I reached 4th year level, my Filipino teacher, Mr. Asnahon assigned me to become a Feature Editor. Of course, I had my own column in our school paper back then. I joined the Press Conference all over Davao City for the very first time and won the first place for Feature Writing Category and I was sent to Digos for another competition.

College comes, I still continue to write despite of my heavy schedule. I just so love writing. There were times while I’m in the middle of crying and writing is my one and only comfort. As if my pen, paper and me were talking. What a relief!

I graduated, started to work and my priorities in life changed. Just today, I realized that I miss one thing very closed to my heart: WRITING.

I actually had an old blog before and my first 5 posts here were originally posted there and that was back on 2008. Oh well, I forgot my username and password just so you know it was created 3 years ago. Now you know, huh.

Since technology are improving, I guess blogging is the upgraded way of writing. Goodbye pen and paper. Hello technology.

Special thanks to my bestfriend Jasi, who always gives me a lift into everything I do and to my heart, Kim who always supports me.

I’ll keep you posted for more confessions.


10 thoughts on “My Security Blanket: Pen and Paper

    • HeaLed_iCe says:

      Hi Genevieve, I read your blog. It was so nice to know that you love to write just as I am. I was amazed that you chose to link my blog to yours. As far as I know you speak good English compared to me because you grow up with that language.

      You don’t have to pressure yourself. To be a good writer, all it takes is to write what you believe and people will start believing in you, too.

      I’ll follow your blog.

      Keep posted too!


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