A Troubled Day

Earlier, I need to make a very hard decision. I thought about it a million times and even wished for a sign.

I was sitting near Ayala’s Entrance, in front of Krispy Kreme, sitting and wondering: To risk or Not to risk?

After 2 hours of thinking and questioning myself, I decided to pushed through with fingers-crossed.

Transactions made.

I went to Starbucks after, took a sip of Frapuccino Mocha (Blended Ice Coffee) and ate a slice of Mango Yogurt Cheesecake. I was able to see the Terraces view of Ayala at around 7pm. Beautiful and stress-releasing.

I strolled around and took some shots. Here are some of the pictures:

AYALA CENTER – Located in Cebu, the commercial, cultural and political core of Southern Philippines, Ayala Center Cebu is the region’s premier shopping, dining and entertainment destination. Newly expanded to provide more rewarding experiences amidst a masterfully-designed space, it offers only well-thought-of retail and leisure choices embodying the discriminating and distinctive taste of the Cebuanos. (an excerpt from http://www.ayalaland.com.ph/ayala_center_cebu)

Of course, my Narcissistic side played it’s part. Can’t help taking some pictures of myself. Here’s how I look earlier:

More of me, tadan!

After all the wondering and wandering, I decided to go home. I took a cab, changed my clothes and lay in our sofa for a quick review of what had happened today.



2 thoughts on “A Troubled Day

  1. spunkytim04 says:

    How I wish I was with you when all these things happened…

    The way you describe ayala and the picture only depicts how relaxing it was for you to just sit there and see the different side of place.


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