Love is a Choice

Many believe love is a sensation that magically generates when Mr. or Ms. Right appears. No wonder so many people are single.

Love is a Choice

If love comes from appreciating goodness, it needn’t just happen ― you can make it happen. Love is active. You can create it. Just focus on the good in another person (and everyone has some). If you can do this easily, you’ll love easily.


Don’t give up on love, no, give IN TO love!

Many times we wish and wish for the right person to come into our lives. We don’t seem to understand why it’s not working out with others. We end up in toxic, unloving relationships, and deep down know something better is out there.

The challenge is, when something better does come along, to not run away.

After years of disappointment, heart-break and unhappy endings, it can be very easy to close down on real love. No matter what, don’t’ let that happen!

Remember, strength in the muscles of your body is created by your muscles being ripped apart, and then rebuilt. Your heart and your emotional intelligence and fitness operate the same way. It is easy to close down after you’ve been hurt. It’s easy to throw a wrench into real love when it comes. I understand it’s scary, but WHO CARES

Move forward in spite of your fear. Move forward INTO the scariness of it all. Be courageous. Don’t let fear win. OPEN UP anyway. The risk of not opening, in the end, is far worse than the risk of opening.

Don’t let love pass you by. Don’t let fear win.

NO! Instead, let love win. Open up, even when, you are afraid. Open up, even when you are scared of getting hurt. Open up, even when you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Listen to me: LOVE WILL PASS YOU BY if you always choose the safe path.

I am not suggesting that you open up to the first person who comes along. No. I am not suggesting that at all. I am suggesting that when you have a connection with someone, when you feel it, when you are so scared of how much you feel it, go in the opposite direction of your fear. Do not be afraid of the love you feel.

KNOW THIS: The right person will meet you. The right person will show up. But they can’t if you don’t open.

Learn to value openness and rebuilding your heart more than safety. Don’t let the wounds of the past create a wounded future. No. It can be different. Love can be yours. But first you must be open to it. Learn how to be more loving from your past pain, not how to be more closed.

Don’t give up on love, no, give IN TO love!

Why You Need to Let Go and Move Forward

Past is past.

One reason God created time was so that there would be a place to bury the failures of the past.

Let’s face it. Many of us choose to hang on to things that at some point have hurt us, angered us, made us feel sad, or depressed us. If we choose to hang on to them, we will never move forward and we could even create physical or medical damage to our bodies. To prevent this from happening we need to let go but no one really tells you how to let go and move forward. Sure it’s easy to say: “Just let go, move forward, forget about it, just let go.” But that really doesn’t work.

Why You Need to Let Go and Move Forward.

Throughout our lives we go through different experiences, some are positive and some we see as negative and unpleasant. When you hang on to a negative or unpleasant experience you are constantly thinking about it. And when you constantly think about that negative event you prevent yourself from healing. How many pleasant memories do you recall everyday? Chances are you’re like most people and you have a number of unpleasant experiences that you’re holding on to, which is preventing you from moving forward.

The more you carry the worse life gets. Why? Because you’ve filled your mind up with negative experiences, because you continually hang on to something that doesn’t allow you to move forward, in short, you’re carrying useless baggage that’s really slowing you down.

Think of it this way: you’re on a hiking trip and along the way you keep picking up heavy objects, things that really don’t serve you. After a while, these objects begin to slow you down and unless you get rid of them, you’ll never complete your trip.

To let go you have to get your mind to focus on different goals and different objectives. It’s not about saying: I let go of the pain from my fight with —- and move on. That will help, but if you really want to start moving on, then you have to get your mind to focus on new things, in the process you automatically let go of the things that have been slowing you down.

How to Let Go and Move Forward

Researchers believe that if you hold on to negative feelings, sad emotions or depressing memories there is a possibility that you could reshape the human cell to the point where your thoughts of the past have a negative effect on your cells and your physical health.

Hanging on to negative past events is a process that can destroy your life in ways you’re not even aware of. Ask yourself these questions: Do the negative things you hang on to serve you any purpose? Do they help you move forward? Do they work in your favor in any way? If you said no to any or all of the above then tell yourself this: This emotion/feeling doesn’t help me so I’m letting it go and focusing on what is important. Then begin focusing on what you want next, focus on what is important and what can improve your life. This is a simple process that gets the mind moving in a new direction and you stop building negative energy created from the negative events/emotions, which only attracts more negative situations. When you begin focusing on more positive things you begin attracting positive situations.

The next step is to create an action plan, the past is over. Where do you want to go now and how do you plan to get there? You may not have the answers but merely thinking about the options forces your mind to go in a new direction and you automatically let go of unwanted feelings and emotions.

The key to your success is to train your mind to move in a new direction so you send new messages to your subconscious mind, which then brings you the opportunities to move forward.

The final step is to live in the present moment, to start living in the now. Living in the now is different from living for the moment. Living in the now is the process of enjoying everything that is going on at this present moment. Take a look around you and appreciate those things that you once thought were trivial. When you are here now you can be nowhere else. You are not hanging on to something, you are here now. I know some of you may say the following: “But Karim, where I am now really sucks, I don’t want to think about it.” It only sucks because you’re looking at all the negative things going on. Focus on a few of the positive things anything from nature to the wonderful family you may have. This forces your mind to look at things differently and tells your subconscious mind that you’re ready for new possibilities, then you’ll begin to let go and move forward.

I’m young but I’m sad.

I was hit BIG time again of this statement.

Way back college, I felt that I had so many problems and that made me very unhappy. I envy those teenagers who go to school without any problem in mind.

I was so young yet I felt so sad. I was thinking that maybe I was really born to be unhappy.

At a very young age, my eyes are already open to lots of responsibilities. I was young but I think big. I think about my future and about getting a job right away after graduation so I could send my little brother to school when it’s his time to enter college.

I am motivated and deleterious about hitting these goals. My parents didn’t forced me, I just have the thought of helping my aging parents from their responsibility. I just feel that I have to, my parents raised me well so I have to give a little in return. I don’t know and I’m not sure but it’s just that I was able to grow maturely at an early age.

While others are still thinking about where they will spend their money, what clothes to buy, and where to party at night, I was already thinking about how I should save my money, what bank, and how much should I keep to myself so a little will be save on the bank.

There comes a tine that as I kept myself busy and serious of achieving my goals, I also forgot what and how it is to be like a teenager. I felt that I was so behind and I was so left out, I’m sad.

If I became mature at an early age, it’s never too late for me to enjoy life. It’s never too late to cope up of what I thought I had lost. Now, I’m enjoying every bit of life. Making sure that I’m always on track with my goals and at the same time not missing life’s fun.

You’ll Be Okay.

There were times when we feel that the world is on our shoulders. Every people around us seems to be so happy and problem free, while we are unhappy.

Of course, our friends will always do their best to cheer us up. Invites us to go out, go shopping, watch movies, play badminton, or go swimming. They will always tells us that “everything’s gonna be okay so soon”.

It’s a relief when someone would be there for you and sees things positively. It really helps to have a genuine friend who constantly believe that his/her friend is going to make it through no matter how hard it is.

Sometimes we just have to believe that “everything’s fine” although we obviously know that it’s not. We know the truth, pain, and struggles we need to go through before we can really say that “I’m okay”. But you just have to believe at the back of your head that it’s going to be so you could see the brighter side. The more you say “I can’t do this” and “I can’t get through this” the more the situation  gets worst.

So believe that’s it’s going to be okay. Always think positively. Never let your guard down.