Are you a true Friend?

(An excerpt By Aubrey Hammack)

This is a question that I’ve asked myself many times over the years about myself.  I’ve heard all my life that when we come down to the end of life’s journey, if we have one really good friend, then we can count ourselves lucky.   

We always seem to have people that have given lip service to being a friend.  But many times, I have been convinced that they are not. I have found  that most people who have masqueraded as friends have shown their true colors when the chips were down.  I hear people tell me all the time,  I have lots of friends. If you really believe that, then read the 16 suggestions listed below and see how many of these suggestions you would agree that a friend would do for you or vice versa.

Think about it this way.  We are all basically selfish individuals. We usually are interested in our own self-gratification.  That means our world is about me,me,me.  We really don’t want to do things for other people, but we sure do expect them to do things for us.

 I want to be the type of friend that Christ would want me to be. He is my model.  I believe the suggestions below would please him.

1)      Someone who is always ready to listen without being judgmental

2)      A person that can be called day or night and they respond

3)      When in need of monetary assistance, they show up

4)      A person that can offer a viewpoint opposing to mine in kindness and love

5)      They will not desert you when the marriage is on the skids, when you are experiencing a death of someone close, a sickness calls, or some other crisis that is crippling

6)      They will lend you a car when yours breaks down

7)      They will check on your animals when you are out of town

8)      They will cut your grass when you are not able

9)      Celebrate with you life’s triumphs

10)  Call and wish you Merry Christmas or visit you at that time

11)  Will be supportive of you when a job is lost, will call and express their concern on a regular basis and just let you know that they care

12)  Will not put their interests above yours to gain recognition, or to better their career

13)  Will stand up for you whatever the cost for them

14)  Will be there for you when your son or daughter is born if possible

15)  Show up for any awards or special accomplishments that you might have

16) Will not give the kiss of Judas to someone behind closed doors while at the same time kissing up to them socially 

Now most of us will fall short of the 16 suggestions listed above.  However, if by chance we call ourselves a true friend and a Christian and we don’t meet most of the criteria for friends described above , then we had better examine more closely what Christ would say about it.

To sum things up, Christ is the only true friend that I know of.  In fact, he was such a friend that he gave up his life to be nailed to a cross and die such an excruciating death.  Do you know anyone else who would do that for you?

I don’t really believe we can be a true friend to someone and not have Christ in our hearts.  Christ is love and I believe a true friend can only be that because of that love. 

My prayer is, “God help me to be the friend you would have me to be. And if I fail, help me to have the guts to admit it and ask forgiveness from you as well as those that I have failed. Amen.”


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