I love Justice.

I was surfing the net when I saw this statement:

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

It’s funny how I get answers lately to my questions about why people get jealous about me or why people hates me.

The statement above makes me think that maybe, perhaps, I’m the kind of person who always stood up for something I know is right.

This reminds me of my past and some of the things that I do, which I just realize that I really am the kind of person who would really shout for justice.

Way back college, I can still remember when I talked to my Clinical Instructor about my classmate who tends to be so unfair or unjust during our OJT (on the job training). And to tell you, I was on the right track and my professor realized that I’m right. That classmate of mine was one of the people who hates me.

Thanks for this statement, somehow it gave me a clear explanation why people hates me. They hate me because I love justice and most people do unjustly things. We cannot deny the fact that sometimes if someone corrects us, we feel bad about it although we know we are wrong.

I tell you, I will not stop from being just and I will always stood up for something I know is right. 😀


One thought on “I love Justice.

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