“Whatever happens..happens..”

Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past ..

Stop planning the future ..

Stop trying to figure out precisely how we feel ..

Stop deciding with our mind what we want our heart to feel ..

Sometimes we just have to go with “whatever..happens..happens”

I feel so guilty because I’m the type of person who worries a lot. Sometimes, we just have to learn and accept that there are things we cannot control no matter how hard we try.


2 thoughts on ““Whatever happens..happens..”

  1. HeaLed_iCe says:

    Thanks for the compliment. It’s more than nice to know that I get to know a lot of people because of what I write. Thanks 😀

    Uhm, which photos? Photos on the right side of my page?


  2. gigoid says:

    This is very cool, and I don’t care if that dates me….thanks for stopping in to check out my blog, and especially for the pingback. I haven’t seen that function before, and I like it. This post, Whatever happens… is very insightful for a young woman, and I’m impressed that you are adept enough with WordPress to link to my article. AND, I’m impressed that you are insightful enough to see a relation between them. I’m looking forward to looking around your blog more, and seeing your new work, so I’ll be following you. Take care, & I’ll be back….love the photos below, btw; are they all your work?…


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