Don’t take me for granted.

“Don’t take me for granted, because unlike the others, I’m not afraid to walk away..”

I’ve been through a lot of pains, disappointments, failures, all that you can think of. They say that I’m a totally different person now, maybe because of all the things I’ve gone through in the past.

I love deeply and I was deeply hurt too. There came a point when I was thinking of killing myself, cutting my wrist with a blade.

But God is always fair, He would always gives you what you deserve.

I was able to meet someone who put back the broken pieces of myself altogether again and now I’m happy, totally happy. I could say that I could die anytime.

However, I realized that as a person goes through a lot of pains in life, he learns from it and eventually, would do all the possible means of not experiencing the same mistake again or “not to make the same mistake twice” quotation.

I did the same.

Knowing all the possible things that would happen if I carelessly love someone too much again, I started to build a wall in order to protect my heart.

I learned that loving is not to force someone to love you but just let someone stay in your life because they can’t help living without you. So why cry, beg, kill yourself for someone who wants to leave? If the person loves you, he/she wouldn’t even have the thought of leaving you behind.

So I guess the statement above clearly explains my newly so-called principle about love and relationships.

Although I’m tough and hard with my new principle in love, I can still say that my heart still knows how to love deeply. It didn’t affect my ability to love others. I made a mistake but become three times wiser.

I’m not quite sure how many of you has the same principle, but I’m pretty sure that out of 10, there will be 2 people who would agree.

Happy reading! 😀


6 thoughts on “Don’t take me for granted.

  1. thehippiehousewife says:

    Yeah it is tough when you give your heart to someone, only to have it thrown back in your face. But you are right in your attitude, just because someone didn’t want your gift doesn’t make it any less valuable. Some people just can’t see what is being offered to them. So Keep loving with your whole heart girl! Be true to you!


  2. Danlrene ©2011 says:

    how ironic. tonite must be the night to write about love. being hurt in love is devastating but it does make us wiser and stronger. now I love but I know..that there is a line I keep drawn. enjoyed your blog.


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