Major Changes.

Hi lovely followers,

I just want to apologize for the major changes on my page. I really want my page to be more girly so I decided to change the theme. If you noticed, my picture widgets are not yet adjusted, I really need enough time to finish designing my page, so am really sorry if my page doesn’t look that awesome right now. 😀

I’m working at night, so stressed at work, so doing all the polishing won’t be enough after work. My off is gonna be in 2-days time so if you can be patient for me, I would really appreciate.

Been busy doing some blogging on my sister account lately, if you could visit and follow me at tumblr, that would really put a big smile on my face. Here’s the link:

I love you guys and I’m very thankful that you spend some time visiting my page. I’ll promise I will post some more blogs real soon.

Keep smiling. 😀



7 thoughts on “Major Changes.

    • HeaLed_iCe says:

      Hi Danlrene ©2011,thanks for liking my new page. Haha. I need more time to even out all the pics. I don’t have enough sleep and I really feel sleepy at work so I need to do all the polishing on my offs.

      I wanna used the countdown widget but I dunno how it works 😀


      • Danlrene ©2011 says:

        it is easy. just drag it over to your widgets and put the date you are counting down to and tell what it is…like anniversary, birthday…whatever ..I was trying to count down to one year of blogging…and then click save and that is it.
        I have been sick and so son has been posting for me from my older writings but occasionally I get to feeling well enough to post one of my new ones.


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