Girls are AMAZINGLY strong.

They say that we, girls, are weak. That we can’t decide on our own, that when a guy dumped us, we just sit in a corner and cry too hard, that we are willing to die for a guy just for them to love us, that we can never be as strong as every guy in the world.

Well, whoever thinks that way is a bullshit (sorry for the term).

Girls are the strongest creation God has made. It’s not that, we can’t decide on our own, but we always seek for the advise of others because we always want the best and nothing but the best for us.

It doesn’t mean that when we cry too hard, we are debilitated. It’s just that, we are made to be more expressive by God. We strongly believe that crying is the most alleviating thing to do, and so after, we always learn to smile. Knowing that smiling is the hardest thing to do when your broken (I’ll give us girls a recognition to that).

It doesn’t also mean that when we are willing to die for someone, we are less than a human. No way! We are more than willing to die for others because that’s what God taught us about in the first place. Jesus died for us on the cross just to gain our love. That’s the bravest thing I could ever imagine. I could still remember how teary-eyed I am every time I remember how Jesus Christ was nailed on the cross.

Lastly, who says we can never be as strong as any guys in the world ? Girls suffer more painful experiences in life, yet we are still alive and kicking. Women gave birth, and I could say that’s one of the most hardest and painful experience. Girls, most often than not, is always left behind by their boyfriends, and wives by their husbands, but they still manage to continue life on their own, even raised their kids alone. And suicide surveys says that most guys commit suicides than girls. So who’s stronger now?

I know, I’m saying all these things with conviction. I hate any guy in the world, boyfriends and husbands who tells their girl and their wives, “you can’t live without me, so you better follow what I have to say!”. This so ridiculous.

But no offense to guys, I’m not talking in general. These are only for people who thinks that girls are weak.



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