I want to sing for millions.


I got the talent!

Yes, I love to sing. When I was young, no one taught me how to sing. It was an immanent talent –  a part of the innermost nature of a person or thing.

Since I have the talent, my Dad taught me so well on how to control my voice, how to do the proper breathing so I could sing songs with high pitch (so I won’t sound like a bird with a broken wings), and of course, he motivated me.

My Mom had me join singing contests in school (I hope I could show some pictures, but I don’t have it with me) when I was in my Kindergarten. That’s it. Since then, I haven’t sing for bigger competitions anymore.

I only sing whenever there’s an occasion at home or party at school, or get-together with friends, worst, if I am forced to show any talent, but not for any competition. People would always tell me that I really have a  nice voice.

I love watching Singing contest on television like American Idol. Watching them sing on the center stage makes me feel like my dream has come true, but wishing at the same time to be like them, singing for millions of people.

I guess all I have to do is share my talent as much as I can. I’m contented with it especially if people wants me to sing a song for them just because they can’t sing it well (haha, so true). When they can’t hit the pitch, they love passing the microphone to me. 😀


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