Deal with stress positively.

People say I could do just fine if I didn’t have any stress. Hello, welcome to the world. Everyone has stress, however it is how you react to stress that makes the difference.

Why do some people handle stress so much better than others?

Well it is partly due to the condition of one’s adrenal glands. When the adrenal glands are healthy and strong, we can handle much more stress. When the adrenals are weak, just the smallest amount of stress is overwhelming and we give up to easy.

Another thing is you need to divide stress into at least two categories.

First, decide if the stress facing you can be resolved by you. Can you do something about it and make the necessary changes to resolve the stress? You see, there are certain types of stress that we can make changes and then there are situations that we cannot do anything about no matter what we do. They are simply out of our control. When you cannot do anything about it, you have to learn to just let it go. Yes, get over it, because if you let the stress eat at you and you cannot do anything about it, it will actually kill you. Cortisol produced from your adrenal glands over long periods of time tears down your entire body. Yes it will literally kill you.

Second, if the stress facing you can be corrected, sometimes you need to confront the situation. Yes I mean get in someone’s face. Now everyone must be aware of the stressful situation and obviously something has to change. Discuss the situation and decide what needs to be done to resolve the stressful situation. Once the resolution is make and someone does not abide by the resolution rules, then you must terminate that relationship, because the continued stress is detrimental to your health. Decide what you can resolve with your stress and do something about it. Those things that you cannot co anything about let them go immediately.

How can you be happy? Get your body working properly. You cannot be happy with toxic, unhealthy body. 


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