Don’t let them pull you down – fight!

It’s funny how people you know the least always has the most to say about you.

Have you ever think about how many people say bad things about you? Are they the people closest to you? Or are they the people who doesn’t even know you that much?


I was actually looking for a nice quote when I found this statement on the internet. It strucked me and got me into thinking.

This is damn true! When I think about all the people who says a lot of things about me, all of them, most of them, I haven’t even hang out with or even not being able to share my life with. So why are these people says a lot about you? and what pushed them to say those bad things?

Those kind of people, most of them has a lot of insecurities inside their body. Remember, when you are on the top, people will try to pull you down and how? They will try to look for all the little details in your life, those are not too nice, just for them to prove that you are not beautiful and  not worthy of people’s attention.

They are selfish. Whenever they knew someone so nice and great they feel jealous because people’s attention are not on them. They only wanted people to praise them and appreciate them – only them. They don’t know how to appreciate others.

These are people who was born not feeling wanted and appreciated. So when they grow up, they are thirsty of everyone’s attention. They talked about people, so people would see them in the limelight.

These are actually people we should pray about. Because they haven’t experienced love and attention when they were young. They always have envy and jealousy inside their heart. That’s why whenever they hear people talking about someone greater than them, they will always try to pull them down.

Just don’t mind them, guys. We know ourselves better. 


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