Is that too much to ask?

I can’t last a day without talking. People who knows me well would feel that there’s something wrong with me if I suddenly becomes silent. They would rather hear me talk all day than not hearing anything from me at all.

I knew myself so well, I love talking because my Mom raised me that way. At home she would always make sure that there’s an open communication between us in the family. My Mom would even air out her problems to me – all the time.

So I could really say that some people who doesn’t talk that much or whose not airing out their problems are those that were not used to it. Perhaps, they weren’t used to talk at home or they weren’t raised that way.

However, when it comes to relationships, these kind of communication wouldn’t work. Relationship means communication, without it, I don’t think things will work out well for you.

If you love him/her then you would sit down, talk things out and figure out how to fix the problem. You shouldn’t both go to sleep at night without even talking. You shouldn’t go to bed at night if both of you are hurting.

If your partner doesn’t want to talk to you, partly means he/she doesn’t care at all.


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