I’m young but I’m sad.

I was hit BIG time again of this statement.

Way back college, I felt that I had so many problems and that made me very unhappy. I envy those teenagers who go to school without any problem in mind.

I was so young yet I felt so sad. I was thinking that maybe I was really born to be unhappy.

At a very young age, my eyes are already open to lots of responsibilities. I was young but I think big. I think about my future and about getting a job right away after graduation so I could send my little brother to school when it’s his time to enter college.

I am motivated and deleterious about hitting these goals. My parents didn’t forced me, I just have the thought of helping my aging parents from their responsibility. I just feel that I have to, my parents raised me well so I have to give a little in return. I don’t know and I’m not sure but it’s just that I was able to grow maturely at an early age.

While others are still thinking about where they will spend their money, what clothes to buy, and where to party at night, I was already thinking about how I should save my money, what bank, and how much should I keep to myself so a little will be save on the bank.

There comes a tine that as I kept myself busy and serious of achieving my goals, I also forgot what and how it is to be like a teenager. I felt that I was so behind and I was so left out, I’m sad.

If I became mature at an early age, it’s never too late for me to enjoy life. It’s never too late to cope up of what I thought I had lost. Now, I’m enjoying every bit of life. Making sure that I’m always on track with my goals and at the same time not missing life’s fun.


3 thoughts on “I’m young but I’m sad.

  1. Lisa Wields Words says:

    I think it is easy to be sad, and it takes a lot of work to be happy. But it is work that we should all do. Happiness is something we must keep creating, because it is not handed to us. When we are young, we think happiness is a right, because we are protected from the reality, but we have to choose happiness every day.

    I choose happiness.


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