You’ll Be Okay.

There were times when we feel that the world is on our shoulders. Every people around us seems to be so happy and problem free, while we are unhappy.

Of course, our friends will always do their best to cheer us up. Invites us to go out, go shopping, watch movies, play badminton, or go swimming. They will always tells us that “everything’s gonna be okay so soon”.

It’s a relief when someone would be there for you and sees things positively. It really helps to have a genuine friend who constantly believe that his/her friend is going to make it through no matter how hard it is.

Sometimes we just have to believe that “everything’s fine” although we obviously know that it’s not. We know the truth, pain, and struggles we need to go through before we can really say that “I’m okay”. But you just have to believe at the back of your head that it’s going to be so you could see the brighter side. The more you say “I can’t do this” and “I can’t get through this” the more the situation  gets worst.

So believe that’s it’s going to be okay. Always think positively. Never let your guard down.


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