Dear Love.


You may sometimes make mistakes but that doesn’t mean you’re less of a person. Don’t you feel bad about yourself because successful people reached their positions by trial and error. You can never have what you dearly wanted without criticisms, rejections, and insults. You may not noticed it but what actually keeps you going are those people who keeps on telling you that you’re dumb and weak. If you never experience failure, you’ll never appreciate how it feels to be successful. If you never experience insults, you’ll never know how it feels like to be appreciated. It’s like, you’ll never know how hard it is to be poor not until you don’t have any money inside your pocket. Once you know how exactly hard it is without money, you will become thrifty the next time and you will learn how to spend money wisely. All things in life are better learned when you experience hardships. So don’t give up! Fight!

A words of encouragement for my dearest after telling me that she wants to die after her Boss scold her for such a simple mistake.


2 thoughts on “Dear Love.

  1. HeaLed_iCe says:

    Thank you Darlene. I’m so happy that you were there all along, reading my entries. Take care, sweetie. Are you feeling better now? Are you still sick? I pray that God will touch you and heal you 🙂


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