Bored but Happy!

When I was in Davao, a day is not enough for me to do whatever I wanna do. I go shopping, go on food tripping, watch movies, stroll around the city, what else?

But when I relocated myself here in Cebu, I ended up being a couch potato. I actually don’t love the feeling but do I have a choice?

I’m counting the days and it kills me. I’m such a boredom!

Oh God when will this suffering ends?

It’s just so lonely to be alone. Even if people will tell me to go out and have fun,  the question is, who am I going to be with to have fun? myself? Yes, I can go out anytime, but what makes it difference if I’m going out – alone.

It’s really not that easy to gain friends, especially when you moved to get rid of the “traitors”. You actually have a sign in your forehead saying, “I don’t easily trust anyone”. So you ended up being choosy when it comes to friends. That’s why until now, I never had someone I become a closed friend with here in Cebu.

I’m bored but I’m happy. Soon, we’ll be moving out for the third time. This time, it will be the last. We finally found a home we can call our own. A perfect home with two separate bedrooms, a tiny living room and a dinning room, with a bathroom big enough for me to enjoy a shower after a stressful day.

I’m so excited to choose a paint color perfect for our house walls. Also excited to have my bedroom again after 6 months of sharing a room with my older sister, Ate Rose. I’m going to miss her, haha, she will just be on the other room but I’m not going to have that much chit-chats with her while we are lying on our beds because we are going to have our own rooms by then. The most amazing thing is that, this house is very affordable and fits our tight budget – Thank God for the answered prayers. We actually strolled all over the place just to look for another place to move in. We almost gave up, but as we always least expect, there always comes the best.

Wish me happiness on my new house. Will be moving out at the end of this month 🙂



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