It’s More Fun in VXI

TEAM MARVIE Christmas Party (Convergys)

It was about a few months back when I was having a hard time deciding whether I had to leave Convergys or head myself back home for good. It was a pretty tough decision I had to make because of one BIG reason; I am well compensated with Convergys, and knowing that it is one of the dream company of most Filipino’s, yet I was able to get in, I can say that I am very proud that I am part of the most growing and biggest BPO company in the Philippines.

I think about it every single passing day. Many were asking why I had to leave, and I gave them one reason; I AM NO LONGER HAPPY.

When I decided to move myself to join Convergys back on July of 2011 in Cebu I know that I’ll be risking my happiness. But just like most of us, we love challenging ourselves, and so do I want to try to be around different company of friends, I want to try getting lost in a city, I want to try how it feels like to be in a place where you don’t know anyone. I know it all started from a crazy idea.

In about 10 months of being independent, of challenging myself, I guess I found the conclusion to the things I want to experience; I’M LONELY.

After a few deliberation with my Team Leader and my Group Manager, my parents, and Kim I finally made up my confused mind; TO GO BACK HOME.

Like a little child, I felt scared about my decision. There’s a lot of “what if’s” juggling inside my head;

What if I can’t find a job?

What if I’m still not happy?

I was pretty scared.

Before I headed my way back home, I already have a company in mind to apply for; VXI Davao. I heard a lot of good feed backs about the company, most of my friends from Sutherland already transferred as well. So right after taking a month rest, I finally decided to apply as a call center agent, made it to the interviews and started my training.

UCS-20D (VXI Wavemates)

Meeting my wave mates, I can already feel that I made the right decision to come back home. Successfully, we all passed the training and we were tasks to take in calls, a bit depressing though, our  wave was assigned to different teams in the production floor so we have less communication, less fun to be together. But that’s not the end of everything, it actually opened doors to meet new friends.

My team since Nesting up until productions consists of the same group of people because we top Nesting. We were able to get to know each other very well, yes, we got very closed to each other. I had the best team, we tagged ourselves as Team Venera. Our team was a tough one, in the beginning we have very low scores but we rise every end of the month.

Aside from the fact that we work on our scores, we always make sure that we balance work and life. Most of the time, we drink during our rest days/offs, or go to a bar.

I love each and every one of them. I have 3 closest friends, my wave mates as well, named King, Jay, and Stef. We always stick to each other during lunch breaks, and cigarette breaks (Stef doesn’t smoke though), and this became our routines.

Me, King, and Stef

Jay. King, and Stef

Other members of the team were always ready on the go for any kind of things, but everybody’s favorite is food tripping with our Team Leader, Sup Anj. She never fails to support us and encourage us, she also never fails to treat us, or give us chocolates, or chips while we take in calls; she’s one of my best Supervisor in VXI.

Everyone became very close in my heart and I came to realized that I really made the right decision. Yet now, all I have are memories. I miss our routines, the crazy things we do, the treat during Sundays for those who got the highest AHT for the entire week, I miss so many things about them.

Jay, Me, Charm, and Dash

Jay, Jonnah, Me, Dash, Mhaki, and Charm

Although bad things happens  I know our friendship doesn’t and will never stop there. I know that I can still count on them in times of trouble, I can still talk to them when I need someone to talk to, I can still share a drink or a cigarette break with them.

I really had the most wonderful memories with VXI even though I just stayed there for a couple of months. I had too many great memories that it’s too hard for me to accept that I’m no longer part of it.

Mhaki, Charm, Geann, Me, Dash, and Jonnah

But thanks guys, you know who you are, for making my stay worth it. I love you from the bottom of my heart and I always miss you, I hope you received my messages. I’ll see you around.


Symbol of Faith, Hope, and Love: CASHEL GARDNER

You haven’t heard from me for quite sometime and I promised that I will always be here for you guys no matter what to share love and happiness. Honestly, I really don’t know what to say, even where to begin my blog today. I have thought for a long time on how I could get in touch with you again, guess I finally find my come back more inspiring.

I always want to make people happy, give inspiration, and share words of encouragement. But lately, I found happiness, inspiration, and encouragement from someone else’s story. My heart was in deep pain and for the first time I evaluated myself, how tough am I really?

I was surfing the net when I found a shared video on my wall from one of my friends. The first thing I did was to LIKE the video without even watching it. However, I noticed the title of the video and that invites me to view it.

The video that strikes my attention on Facebook.

Here’s the link for the video:

EM Presents The Awesome Cashel Gardner: His SMA Doesn’t Stop Him!

Well first, I don’t have any idea what SMA is, so I really don’t have any idea what the video is all about, but the preview picture on the video with a little kid lying on the bed with the tubes on took my attention.

And then it is where it all started. I became a fan of this little kid with overwhelming courage and strength despite his condition. I fell in love with this baby (Yeah, I call him my baby). I found the Facebook Page SMA It Forward with Cashel and I LIKE it, I started to read posts about different angels from different parts of the world having the same condition like Cashel. My heart crushed and I was teary-eyed to see these little angels suffer. So I decided to help Cashel get 1 million LIKES before his 16th birthday, that’s just even a little help, but yes, I’m doing this because this is the least help I can offer.

I started posting the same video on Facebook groups that I belong, and tell them to like the page. I’m not even sure if some of them did, but I’m positive that God will touch their hearts and help us spread the word.

I started learning about SMA from Cashel’s page and I understand how critical the situation is for a newborn child.

Here’s more information from SMA It Forward With Cashel’s Page so you can have a better understanding, and you can follow.


SMA It Forward to someone and raise awareness of SMA. My goal is to have reached 1 million people by my birthday so SMA can get conquered! Every time you SMA It Forward you help raise awareness and can save a child’s life!

HI! My name is Cashel Gardner(pronounced Cash ul, and I am a boy 🙂 ) and I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). The doctor told my parents I would die before I turned 2 years old, Boy oh boy were they WRONG! I am now 15 years old and have NO plans on leaving Earth anytime soon but, I do have a goal to accomplish by my 16th birthday and I need YOUR HELP!So lets start with what the heck Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) IS:

This is straight from Wikipedia; Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is an incurable autosomal recessive disease caused by a genetic defect in the SMN1 gene which codes SMN, a protein necessary for survival of motor neurons, and resulting in death of neuronal cells in the anterior horn of spinal cord and subsequent system-wide muscle wasting (atrophy).Spinal muscular atrophy manifests in various degrees of severity which all have in common general muscle wasting and mobility impairment. Other body systems may be affected as well, particularly in early-onset forms. Spinal muscular atrophy is the most common genetic cause of infant death.
Now this is straight from me; Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a genetic disease that causes a baby or child to become completely paralyzed from head to toe but can feel everything. It happens at different degrees with the worst form Type 1 (which is what my sister and I have) to cause death by 18 months of age. We cannot sit up, hold up your own head, swallow or even breathe on our own, which is why death will happen unless intervention is used.By the way I just want to thank my mama and dada for using these methods and machines to give me life.

There are a few things I want you to know about me before we get to my goal. First, I have always felt that I am special and God has a job He needs me to do here on Earth. I do not feel like I am weird, in fact when I am out and people stare at me it doesn’t bother me at all. My mama has taught me many things and one was that it is good to be different and I embrace my difference from everybody walking around. Also, I want to find a cure for SMA but I do not want it for me, I want it for my sister Allie so she can dance with a boy at her senior prom, I want it for all the babies and young children so they can grow up and find another way to be different and important, because let’s face not all SMA kids are going to be as happy laying in bed all day and not being able to move, eat or even breathe on their own as I am.

I feel it is time for me to step up and start the work God needs me to do and my first goal is to teach the world what Spinal Muscular Atrophy SMA is and to show the world ALL the AMAZING kids that have SMA.So I created SMA IT FORWARD with Cashel because I believe even from my bed I can reach the world and bring awareness about SMA and help to get a cure, and there is a cure in sight! With the work of Dr. Brain Kaspar and his gene therapy we could have a cure in the next year! So here is what I want to do, EVERYDAY I am going to reach out to someone and tell them about SMA and how to help and then I will ask them to SMA It Forward to another person and so on and so on. It is my version of Pay it Forward. My goal is to get likes on this page for everyone who will SMA It Forward, Has SMA it Forwarded and will continue to SMA It Forward! I want to start reasonable and have 100 likes in a week and 1000 likes in a month to my goal of 1 MILLION by my birthday on January 10,2013. That means 1 MILLION people will know what is killing these sweet babies and help conquer this disease. Am I crazy for trying? I don’t think so. I think it is crazy to let this disease go on without spreading the word. So are you in? Like my page and SMA It Forward with me!

I would also like any input from families with SMA children that will help educate others about SMA, pictures and stories posted on here from other families with SMA and anything else that you might find helpful, fun and inspiring for the world to know about us SMA kids and families!

It is so amazing how a little boy can update, post, likes comments, upload pictures with just one hand and yet we see such a beautiful smile on his face and such a positive character. It made us feel guilty about how we complain about our lives, about our problems, about the situation we are in, yet Cashel with his curent condition manages to stay strong.

I hope this gives you a lift in your faith and will make your hopes high. And if you have time to read this, I hope you will also have time to check Cashel’s page and hit LIKE so you can be part of his MISSION and to make our little boy happy on his 16th birthday when he reached 1 Million Likes from caring and loving people like you. Let us share our love to these angels guys, they need our support and lots and lots of love.

  Let’s give more and share words of love to Cashel and to other SMA angels.

All over the globe, people find faith, hope, and love from Cashel.

Below are some few of the many comments people posts on Cashel’s page.

I really hope this touches your heart as well.

Let us take 2-3 minutes of our time and visit SMA It Forward With Cashel’s Facebook Page (click here) and hit the  LIKE button . It’s not a waste of your time, it’s a joy in your heart. Trust me, you will also love these children.

Cashel and her sister

My baby, Cashel Gardner with his sister Emily