It’s More Fun in VXI

TEAM MARVIE Christmas Party (Convergys)

It was about a few months back when I was having a hard time deciding whether I had to leave Convergys or head myself back home for good. It was a pretty tough decision I had to make because of one BIG reason; I am well compensated with Convergys, and knowing that it is one of the dream company of most Filipino’s, yet I was able to get in, I can say that I am very proud that I am part of the most growing and biggest BPO company in the Philippines.

I think about it every single passing day. Many were asking why I had to leave, and I gave them one reason; I AM NO LONGER HAPPY.

When I decided to move myself to join Convergys back on July of 2011 in Cebu I know that I’ll be risking my happiness. But just like most of us, we love challenging ourselves, and so do I want to try to be around different company of friends, I want to try getting lost in a city, I want to try how it feels like to be in a place where you don’t know anyone. I know it all started from a crazy idea.

In about 10 months of being independent, of challenging myself, I guess I found the conclusion to the things I want to experience; I’M LONELY.

After a few deliberation with my Team Leader and my Group Manager, my parents, and Kim I finally made up my confused mind; TO GO BACK HOME.

Like a little child, I felt scared about my decision. There’s a lot of “what if’s” juggling inside my head;

What if I can’t find a job?

What if I’m still not happy?

I was pretty scared.

Before I headed my way back home, I already have a company in mind to apply for; VXI Davao. I heard a lot of good feed backs about the company, most of my friends from Sutherland already transferred as well. So right after taking a month rest, I finally decided to apply as a call center agent, made it to the interviews and started my training.

UCS-20D (VXI Wavemates)

Meeting my wave mates, I can already feel that I made the right decision to come back home. Successfully, we all passed the training and we were tasks to take in calls, a bit depressing though, our  wave was assigned to different teams in the production floor so we have less communication, less fun to be together. But that’s not the end of everything, it actually opened doors to meet new friends.

My team since Nesting up until productions consists of the same group of people because we top Nesting. We were able to get to know each other very well, yes, we got very closed to each other. I had the best team, we tagged ourselves as Team Venera. Our team was a tough one, in the beginning we have very low scores but we rise every end of the month.

Aside from the fact that we work on our scores, we always make sure that we balance work and life. Most of the time, we drink during our rest days/offs, or go to a bar.

I love each and every one of them. I have 3 closest friends, my wave mates as well, named King, Jay, and Stef. We always stick to each other during lunch breaks, and cigarette breaks (Stef doesn’t smoke though), and this became our routines.

Me, King, and Stef

Jay. King, and Stef

Other members of the team were always ready on the go for any kind of things, but everybody’s favorite is food tripping with our Team Leader, Sup Anj. She never fails to support us and encourage us, she also never fails to treat us, or give us chocolates, or chips while we take in calls; she’s one of my best Supervisor in VXI.

Everyone became very close in my heart and I came to realized that I really made the right decision. Yet now, all I have are memories. I miss our routines, the crazy things we do, the treat during Sundays for those who got the highest AHT for the entire week, I miss so many things about them.

Jay, Me, Charm, and Dash

Jay, Jonnah, Me, Dash, Mhaki, and Charm

Although bad things happens  I know our friendship doesn’t and will never stop there. I know that I can still count on them in times of trouble, I can still talk to them when I need someone to talk to, I can still share a drink or a cigarette break with them.

I really had the most wonderful memories with VXI even though I just stayed there for a couple of months. I had too many great memories that it’s too hard for me to accept that I’m no longer part of it.

Mhaki, Charm, Geann, Me, Dash, and Jonnah

But thanks guys, you know who you are, for making my stay worth it. I love you from the bottom of my heart and I always miss you, I hope you received my messages. I’ll see you around.


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