The Lover Before Me

I know you as far as what he’s been telling me about you. I’m not sure if you know me but that doesn’t matter–the one thing that we have in common is that we love the same man.

He talked about you almost all the time–so much that I had the notion that he wasn’t over you yet. We weren’t officially “dating” at the time but we’ve spent hours, if not days “flirting” (for the lack of a better term) with each other. It was cool with me. Besides, you were a big part of his past that I have to accept whether I like it or not. During those times, he shared the joys and the heartaches of your now-former relationship. That’s the only way in which I knew you–no more, no less.

I don’t really care about what happened between the two of you, but I cared to listen to his musings anyway. Through those stories, I came to know him more. I came to know and realize how much of a wonderful man he is. I don’t really know the circumstances that surrounded your relationship at that time, but that makes one wonder why it ended up that way.

He was distraught over the realization that it was over. It took him weeks, if not months to get over it and once he did, he came out wounded but stronger. When I met him, the wounds had healed but the scars were there, and I know it will never go away. The only thing I can do is to accept him for who he is and all the things he has been through.

I had a hard time convincing him that it’s not the end of the world. I understand it’s a horrible feeling to realize that you’ve been hurt by the one person whom you love and trust with your whole being. But it’s even harder to convince someone who’s been left that not all people are like that. It took a lot of time and patience but it paid off in the end. Now, I have his love and could not ask for anything else.

I have a lot of things to thank you for. Thank you for teaching me how to love him. You may have not taught me that directly but by learning about the tragedy that was your relationship, I learned from the lessons it taught both you and him. Thank you for doing what you did–morbid as it may sound it gave me the chance to experience how it feels to be loved by a guy as great as he is. I could never thank you enough for breaking his heart.


3 thoughts on “The Lover Before Me

  1. spunky says:

    And thank you to your lover before me. He gave me a very loving woman.. A girl I can spend my life with. She may not be perfect but I know she is the best thing that ever happened to me. A cry baby at times and may show weak but deep inside I know how strong she can be..

    Thank you baby for sharing your life with me. Making you happy makes me say I can live for another day.. I love you


    • Isis Grace says:

      It feels sad to read comments like this from you about 4 years ago. Reading this makes me feel like I was being lied to. Where’s “a girl I can spend my life with” been now. Well, I guess I know where it is or what it is now, it’s just a promise made to be broken.


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