1. Please keep what happened in 2015 in 2015. I know you have a tendency to carry the pain and the bad memories because its better to feel bad than feel nothing, but how much longer are you going to keep moving backwards like this? Think of a box and deposit everything that happened this year in it and put a lock on it. Bury it if you have to.

2. Let all that has hurt you this year, go. Let it go. Loosen your grip on what isnt yours anymore. It was the most precious thing but its not anymore. Its okay. Dont think good things wont happen anymore. You have claw marks on your palms from holding onto it so tight. Dont suffocate it. Dont suffocate yourself. It was dark before too, but then you saw the light. Itll happen again. It has to. It will. Thats how the universe works.

3. Have a thicker skin with a warm heart. Dont be afraid of being loved again. Dont be afraid of loving again. Dont be afraid of saying NO, dont be afraid of saying YES, and dont be afraid of saying how much you love someone. Hold your own shivering hands. It feels so quiet, so comfortable, being by yourself but I know how much you want to be with people that can make you feel truly happy. Open your eyes. Look around you. All these things that make it hard to breathe are just invisible things. Breathe, breathe. Breathe. One day it wont hurt anymore.

4. You expect a lot because you are willing to do that for others. Darling, that isnt how everyone is. Dont live your life thinking that people will be good to you because youre good to them. Dont think that theyll jump from the bridge for you because youll do that without a second thought. Dont think that makes you overbearing. Dont hate that about yourself. Were fathomless. We feel empty but we still keep on giving and giving. Never lose the will to give love. No matter how much unkindness you suffer. Dont become them. The moment you reciprocate their hatred with hatred, its over, youre one of them. Breathe, breathe in all the rage, all the hurt and breathe it out. Let it go. Its okay.

5. I hope someday youll look at the pictures from 2015 and it wont be so painful. I hope one day you stop wishing you could go through the screen into that time and just hug the smiling people in the picture. I hope you dont have the tendency to delete them because you cant deal with the pain and that seems like the only way. I hope someday in 2016, youll stop wishing that you could back in time to feel happy.

6. Fix your mistakes in 2015. Apologize. Forgive. Forget. It happened, it happened, it happened. Its a part of your life now. Accept it, accept it, and accept it. Make it your armor. Dont flinch when people mention it. Dont turn your back. Dont look down at your feet. Its nothing to be ashamed of. You made mistakes. Youre human. Youre you. Dont be sorry for accepting your mistake. Dont be put down by people who dont know what it takes to bow your head down and accept ones mistakes. Dont be them. Accept responsibility for your actions. Accept, accept, accept. Be humbler than they expect you to be.

7. Make a list of things that make you happy youre alive and breathing. Things that make you want to get out of bed. It gets harder to find reasons to get out of bed but please search inside yourself. Things arent permanent. People arent permanent. This sorrow isnt permanent. There is always another chance to fix your mistakes. There are always new years, you know?

8. Do something this year that youve been thinking of doing for years. Learn how to play a guitar, start singing loudly even when they stare at you, dance in the middle of night on your bed, start saying, ‘I love youto your parents, let people celebrate your birthday, let them share your happiness, let them share your unhappiness, youre not burdening them, theyre in your life because they love you, let them love you for what you are. Dont die a mystery. Let everyone know who you really are. Dont fear rejection from others. Dont be afraid of being unwanted. Dont think youre the only one who feels abandoned and unwanted. Everybody is like that, even if they dont show it. Were all humans. Just because we live in different countries doesnt negate that fact. Dont forget that the people who hurt you are humans too. They forget you are but you shouldnt.

9. Dont define yourself by all the bad things that happened to you, or bad things that you did in 2015. Dont define yourself by everything that you regret doing in 2015. You still carry the regrets from the previous years, its enough. Its enough. Start changing that from now on. Define yourself by your favourite book, your favourite song, how you mom loves you, how much you dad looks out for you, how much your sister/brother looks up to you, how much you love pizza or ice-cream or whatever that makes you happy. Define yourself by all the good things youve said in 2015. Its not selfish to make yourself feel good about yourself. Trying to forget the bad things isnt cowardice; it takes guts to do that. Stop hating yourself for trying to be happy.

10. Its okay to feel bad at the beginning of every year. Even if it was a bad year, it leaves a hole in your life. It wasnt a waste. Really. So much happened, so much didnt happen. Turn your head to the front. New chances are here; new beginnings are here, a new year. Dont fall in the same routine. Just dont. Whats done is done. Whatever happened happened. What will happen from now is in your hands. What are you going to do now?

Submitted to ArtParasites by Oshin Ahlawat


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