100 Reasons Why I Love You

I often wonder why I love you. Is it your presence, your smile, your eyes, or just the feeling of togetherness we share whenever we meet or talk. I wonder why I always seem to forget the things I want to tell you when we meet, and keep getting lost in you. Here are some wonderful reasons, though they comprise only a fraction of all the reasons, I can never tell you all the reasons, for I myself know not. But please read the following, and know that I will continue to love you, forever.

  1. I love you for the way you make me feel when I am with you
  2. I love how you make me smile
  3. I love it when we stay up late and fall asleep on the bed together
  4. I love how your body feels next to mine
  5. I love knowing that if I died tomorrow, that I found my soul mate before I did
  6. I love the way you look at me
  7. I love that you respect me
  8. I love that even though you know everything about me you still look at me the way you do
  9. I love the way you love me
  10. I love the way I love you
  11. I love how adorable you are
  12. I love your touch
  13. I love how you enjoy the little things I do for you and think they are big
  14. I love the sparkle in your eyes
  15. I love cuddling with you
  16. I love how our bodies connect like a puzzle when I lie on your chest, or next to you, or in your arms
  17. I love you for the way you make me feel when I am with you
  18. I love your humor
  19. I love how we like the same music
  20. I love how we complete each other’s thoughts
  21. I love your eyes
  22. I love your smile
  23. I love how I see myself through your eyes
  24. I love that we will grow old together
  25. I love that you are my best friend in the whole world and always will be
  26. I love it when we stay up late just hanging out with each other and each other only
  27. I love that you are my best friend in the whole world and always will be
  28. I love it when we stay up late just hanging out with each other and each other only
  29. I love how we communicate so well (verbally and non verbally)
  30. I love that you listen to what I say
  31. I love that you tell me what you feel
  32. I love that you are the last voice I hear before I go to bed
  33. I love that I am the first voice you hear when you wake up
  34. I love that since the day you came into my life, everything’s been perfect
  35. I love how you complete me
  36. I love the way you push my hair out of the way
  37. I love the way you caress my face
  38. I love the way you kiss my neck
  39. I love how I know you’ll always be there when I need you to be
  40. I love watching basketball with you because you love watching it too
  41. I love your generous nature
  42. I love your outgoing personality
  43. I love your thoughtfulness
  44. I love your laugh
  45. I love your warmth and kindness
  46. I love that you love spending time with me
  47. I love that your ticklish in just a few spots
  48. I love how you always seem to know what I need
  49. I love how you make me laugh
  50. I love the way we finish each other’s sentences
  51. I love the fact that I will never give up on you
  52. I love the way I can’t imagine a day without you in my life
  53. I love how when I dream of my life partner, the only person that I can see is you
  54. I love your thoughtfulness
  55. I love your tenderness
  56. I love the way you treat my friends
  57. I love the way your voice sounds over the phone
  58. I love the way your voice sounds whispering in my ear
  59. I love how our romance feels like the perfect romance movie
  60. I love the way you protect and defend me
  61. I love your intelligence
  62. I love your passion for life
  63. I love how every time I look at you, you take my breath away
  64. I love how I thank God every day for bringing someone as wonderful as you into my life
  65. I love how my heart skips a beat when you walk into a room
  66. I love the ways you choose to show your affection for me
  67. I love the way you inspire me to be more than I am
  68. I love you just the way you are
  69. I love the way you look when you’re sleeping
  70. I love our life together
  71. I love the way you take the time to thank me for doing everyday things
  72. I love your strength of character
  73. I love the way you take the time to thank me for doing everyday things
  74. I love your confidence
  75. I love your ability to make me feel better when times are tough
  76. I love the way you support me when I’m off track
  77. I love your openness to try new things
  78. I love your ability to talk things through
  79. I love your courage to be you
  80. I love your greatness
  81. I love the fact that you want to be with me
  82. I love you for you
  83. I love the way you take the time to show me how much you love me
  84. I love your body
  85. I love the way you take the time to show me how much you love me
  86. I love that you have a movie addiction just like me
  87. I love living with you
  88. I love that you love living with me
  89. I love the way you are not scared to show your affection when we are in public
  90. I love that you want to cook for me (which is a good thing, since I’m stuck with you)
  91. I love the way you take care of us
  92. I love your way with words
  93. I love that you call me your “baby”
  94. I love the special moments that we share
  95. I love your competitiveness
  96. I love the surprises you do for me
  97. I love how I would do anything for you to make you happy
  98. I love how you would do anything to make me happy
  99. I love how even when you’re not with me I still feel like you’re right here with me
  100. I love the way you won’t let me compromise myself

You are meant to fly. Built to wow.

Because there are still people without hope on the planet. Citizens without happiness. Brothers and sisters among us who have lost their best selves. And the magical connection to the brilliance, bravery, love and light that resides at the core of who they are.

Today, maybe you just needed a reminder that You are meant to fly. Built to wow. Created to bring on staggeringly great creativity (and ingenuity) that then morphs into inspiration, audacity and humanity for all witnesses. Maybe you don’t believe this. You get knocked down, so do I. You get scared, so do I. You have difficult days, me too. People throw rocks at you. Trust, I get them too.

If the pursuit of world-class and positive global influence was easy, everyone would be doing it. Let us not confuse the end result with the rigorous journey. May we not be seduced by the temptation to think those of great success have gifts we don’t have. And opportunities we’ll never see.

So today, please understand that everything you’ve experienced in the past was necessary for you to become the person you are today. Your pain has purified you. Your stumbles have strengthened you. Your failures have fortified you. It’s all been a brilliant–and perfect– path, even when you resisted it most.

And as you start 2016, the year I viscerally encourage you to commit to growing into the finest year of your life yet, leverage your past to stand in your greatest power. Use the great and the good, the messy and the heartbreaking of your history as a heroic platform to make this new year the year you completely change the game. I’m in this with you. Here to help. Always got your back. Endlessly showing up as your encourager.

Why? Because this is what I do. And I know, that as you rise, I get to see our world raised. And what could be better for this very average man than that?

An Open Thank You Letter To My Boyfriend

A simple “thank you” will never do it justice.

Dear Boyfriend,

As soon as I met you, I knew you that were something truly special. You were charming, kind, and charismatic, and I couldn’t help but be drawn to you. But, never in a million years would I have guessed that now, after all this time, you would mean so much to me.

The funny thing is, I wasn’t looking for you, I just found you. Out of funny circumstance and total coincidence, we became friends, and got to know each other’s personalities, fears, hopes, and dreams. Then, we blossomed into something beautiful, something that I never saw coming.

But as blind as I was, I’m extremely glad that you stumbled into my weird little life and that you became such a big part of it. There are so many wonderful things to thank you for that I don’t even know where to begin. Words will never do it justice, but a girl can try, right?

  1. Thank you for putting me in my place – because sometimes I actually might be acting a little too harsh about that one girl that I don’t like, even if I’ll never admit it (sorry, not sorry.) I always appreciate your honesty, even when it’s something that’s hard to hear.
  2. Thank you for knowing how to handle me- or at least for pretending like you know how to, and doing an excellent job of it. I know I’m not always the easiest person to deal with, but you settle me down and make me smile in a way that no one else can.
  3. Thank you for always holding my hand (literally, and figuratively) – Not only do you keep my fingers warm now that it’s cold out (thank God) but you’re also not afraid to show me off to friends, family, and even strangers. Plus, being your arm candy is an awesome feeling.
  4. Thank you for always supporting me – You’re the best cheerleader/number one fan that I could ever ask for, and nothing is more reassuring than knowing that you’re right there to root for me in everything that I do.
  5. Thank you for not arguing (too much) when I want to pay for things- because sometimes I just want to assert that I’m a ~strong independent woman~ and you totally understand that, even if you don’t always like it.
  6. Thank you for letting me cuddle you endlessly and steal all of the sheets and pillows. You actually deserve an award for this one.
  7. Thank you for all of the compliments- because some days I feel like a potato, but you always reassure me that I’m beautiful just the way I am (although you may be lying sometimes.)
  8. Thank you for letting me attack you with hugs and kisses even if I just saw you an hour ago- Yes, I just saw you, but no, that doesn’t make me any less eager to smother you with love. You welcome the affection with open arms, and let me be the needy little koala that I am whenever I get the urge.
  9. Thank you for being silly- Some of my fondest memories with you involve weird faces, strange conversations, and pure craziness. We’ve even developed our own language of phrases and pet names. Yes, we may be weirdos, but I love that you never take things too seriously and you always know how to make me laugh.
  10. Thank you for being serious- Despite our silliness, you know exactly when to put on the serious, caring, boyfriend pants and you have impeccable timing.
  11. Thank you for making me feel so happy and humbled- There are days that I just sit and look at you and wonder how I got so lucky. Sometimes I feel that I don’t deserve someone as wonderful as you, but you always reassure me that you’re the “reacher” in our relationship, even though I’ll never agree. I prefer to think that we deserve each other pretty equally.
  12. Thank you for opening up to me – It’s great to know that you’re willing to discuss your life and some of your deepest secrets with me. I’ll always do my best to listen, help, and talk you through whatever it is you’re thinking about, and I know that you would do the same in return. You have allowed me into your heart and mind, which is a wonderful privilege.
  13. Thank you for being exactly who you are- Your passion for helping others, being kind, and making everyone around you smile is something that I will always be amazed by. You inspire me every single day, and I feel absolutely blessed to be a part of your life. You make me want to be a better version of myself, and you always encourage me to strive for the best.

It’s easy to call you my boyfriend (at least that’s what Facebook says you are). But, above all, I think you’re much more than that. You’re my partner in crime, my dinner date, my pillow, my cheerleader, and my confidant. Although I couldn’t see you coming, I am eternally grateful that you’re in my life today. Wherever the road takes us, I’m glad that I got to walk down that road with you, creating so many beautiful memories along the way.

You deserve to feel good

There will be days when you want to just throw in the towel and give up. There will be days when nothing makes sense anymore and you feel like happiness won’t show its face to you any time soon. There will be days of stiff necks and no sleep and sore muscles. People will be cruel. Food will go bad. You will feel like the world is out to get you.

But then spring arrives. Something big blooms in your chest. Sparrows sing to you and the air suddenly is clearer. You fall in love. You will grow a garden. Good things will start to come to you, beautiful people will find you. Remember those good things when the days get cold and the nights get long.

Remember that you deserve to feel good. That you deserve to have good people and good food and a safe place to come home to. Remember that bad moods pass that all bad days end. And that no matter where you are or how lonely you get, somebody out there is looking for you and is waiting to for you to find them and give them your love.

Why Life Doesn’t Turn Out the Way You Want

Have you noticed that your life doesn’t always turn out the way you want?

In fact, more often than not, you don’t get what you want. This is a good thing. It’s life nudging you in the right direction. It’s life showing you where you need to grow, and what you need to release, to become the person you are meant to be.

The problem then isn’t that life is hard, but something entirely different. But before we get to that, let’s ask ourselves an important question. Why is life is so hard?

It’s hard because:

  • You think it’s hard.
  • Your expectations are out of alignment with reality.
  • You’re not following what makes your heart sing.

There are times when I feel like I want to give up. I feel like the universe is against me. I just want to leave everything. I dream about the freedom I would have if I didn’t have to do anything. But then I come to my senses.

I remember that I’m doing what I’m doing because I’ve chosen this. I’m living my passion. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy.

I’ve also discovered to not take myself seriously when I have one of my bad days. The way it works for me is that I’ll feel a tight feeling in my chest. Sometimes I feel emotional, sometimes overwhelmed, sometimes just bad about life. That then gives rise to thoughts that reflect what I’m feeling. I start looking at my life. I start looking for problems that I can fix.

In the past, this made me work all day long. I was trying to fix something so I could feel better. Today? I take a step back. I relax, I meditate, and I remember to breathe. And I know that this too will pass, and it does.

If you want to live a happy, passionate life, you have to let go of holding on so tight. You have to let go of your need to make life do what you want.

In short, you have to let go of wanting to control everything.

When you feel like life is against you, read:

  1. Realize that life is full of challenges. It will constantly throw new problems at you so you can grow. Otherwise you’d stop growing and life would become bland and lifeless. Just look at the people who’ve given up on life and settled for comfort. They’re bored out of their mind.
  2. Adjust your expectations. Examine your expectations. Do you expect amazing results even when you’re a complete beginner at something? If you’re just starting to uncover your passion and build your business, expect trouble, and go at your own pace.
  3. Remember that happiness comes from the inside. It’s not up to life or anyone outside of you to make you happy. You make yourself happy or unhappy through the thoughts you believe. Why do you think people experience the same event in different ways? It’s an inside job.
  4. Surround yourself with like-minded people. I saw over and over again how much people struggled when they didn’t have support. So make sure you surround yourself with positive, friendly people who have the same goals as you do.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s online or offline.

Life doesn’t always turn out the way you want, but so what? It doesn’t matter. Every time something “goes wrong,” it’s a reminder that you need to take a break and look inside.

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

This is something I’ve come to realize in the last few years. When I let go of how I think life should be, and listen to my heart, I open myself up to what’s right here, right now.

The Bottom Line

When life doesn’t go your way, look at what it’s trying to tell you.

Are you going after what you truly want, or are you living life on someone else’s terms? When you start following your heart, your life will change.

This doesn’t mean things will be easy. If anything, life sometimes gets harder, because you have to face your inner demons. You have to go against the status quo. But you don’t have to try and get somewhere, or become someone to feel good. You’re fine just the way you are right now.

You’re on a journey. You will always keep growing, evolving, and learning. The key then is not to try and fix life, but to learn to relate to life in a new way.

You are not meant to understand life. You are meant to live it.