You are meant to fly. Built to wow.

Because there are still people without hope on the planet. Citizens without happiness. Brothers and sisters among us who have lost their best selves. And the magical connection to the brilliance, bravery, love and light that resides at the core of who they are.

Today, maybe you just needed a reminder that You are meant to fly. Built to wow. Created to bring on staggeringly great creativity (and ingenuity) that then morphs into inspiration, audacity and humanity for all witnesses. Maybe you don’t believe this. You get knocked down, so do I. You get scared, so do I. You have difficult days, me too. People throw rocks at you. Trust, I get them too.

If the pursuit of world-class and positive global influence was easy, everyone would be doing it. Let us not confuse the end result with the rigorous journey. May we not be seduced by the temptation to think those of great success have gifts we don’t have. And opportunities we’ll never see.

So today, please understand that everything you’ve experienced in the past was necessary for you to become the person you are today. Your pain has purified you. Your stumbles have strengthened you. Your failures have fortified you. It’s all been a brilliant–and perfect– path, even when you resisted it most.

And as you start 2016, the year I viscerally encourage you to commit to growing into the finest year of your life yet, leverage your past to stand in your greatest power. Use the great and the good, the messy and the heartbreaking of your history as a heroic platform to make this new year the year you completely change the game. I’m in this with you. Here to help. Always got your back. Endlessly showing up as your encourager.

Why? Because this is what I do. And I know, that as you rise, I get to see our world raised. And what could be better for this very average man than that?


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