Change is NOT easy

Stretching, breaking, feeling deflated, like nothing fits anymore, feeling crushed, saddened, like an alien millions of light years away from paradise. Isolated, uninspired, chaotic. Disbelieving, doubting everything, feeling unsettled, like you have to keep moving. Despondent, confused, emotional, highly strung, weak, stubborn, unwilling…yes, darling. It’s all part of the process of blossoming. Something dies in order that something else may live and there is drama with that and pain and struggle and grieving. Change is not easy. Digging deep beyond your skins to find your maskless face is not easy. Surely, no one ever said it was easy. And if they did, then they were highly mistaken. No one ever said it would work out in clean lines and along smooth surfaces. So stop looking for it to get tidy. But meaningful? Hell yeah. A reason to keep living? The main reason for us living? Absolutely. Darling, you are doing just fine. This surely is what the real road to your freedom and authenticity looks like. It was never meant to be pretty. But real and true and courageous and deep and layered and intricate and incredibly intelligent, yes, yes and yes again. This is your blossoming. Where you are now. That is it. So keep on darling. The changes, slowly, surely and maybe a little painfully, are awakening that freedom inside you. Go with it.


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