Love, remember this.

Love, there are going to be moments, days, weeks when everything is crappy, frustrating, exhausting, infuriating… and oh about an infinite amount of other negative words.

You are going to feel pretty darn awful. You are going to want to crawl into your shell and shut the world and the people in it out. You are going to be angry, lonely, furious… not okay in the least.

In those moments, days, and weeks when life hurts I want you to take it all in and dance it all out. Don’t let the craziness dampen your light. Feel the anger, feel the sorrow – feel it all and keep smiling, keep laughing – keep going.

Remember to be gentle with yourself.

Remember to laugh in the chaos.

Remember to not let everything bottle up inside of you.

Remember on your bad days that love, light, and kindness exist. There will be another moment, another day, another week where everything is beautiful, glorious, inspiring – healing.


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