7 a.m.

I miss going to the coffee shop at 2 a.m. because the landlady just turned off the router again and I need an internet connection so I can report to work, and you telling me not to go because it’s not safe anymore, but you have no choice, I have to go. And I remember telling myself, I wish I could just stay and work beside you while I watch you sleep.

I miss going to the nearest fast food chain every morning after work and then kiss you on the lips as soon as I’m home, greet you with the loudest ‘good morning’ so you would know I am already home.

I miss waking you up so we could eat because I am so hungry I can eat an entire elephant.

I miss those nights when I hear you talk in your sleep and bully you in the morning just because you look so cute and funny when you get a little mad.

I miss your tight hugs and random kisses.

I miss that giddy feeling I get when you hold my hand while we sleep.

I miss those moments when you asked for a minute or two of my time just so you could give me long hugs and sweet kisses.

I miss those days when you asked me to hug you from the back while you sleep.

I miss everything about you.

I miss everything about us.

And maybe, just maybe, somehow there’s something good in long distance relationship because it reminds us that every moment is important. That I am not always going to be available so we spend every waking hour that we are together wisely. That anytime by now I will leave and go back to where I am ought to be and it will take awhile for us to be together again, so we treasure every minute laughing our ass off or simply cuddle each other while we talk for hours.

We don’t waste our time arguing over petty things, instead, we talk about them nicely and constructively. Despite the distance that separates us, I am still grateful, for this makes us look forward to tomorrow.


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