A message from God’s heart for you

“I know what I’m doing, My daughter. Trust Me. I have a plan and a purpose for your pain. You are known by Me. You are seen. You are not forgotten. You are beautifully and perfectly loved. I know that not everything I do for your good will always feel good at the time it is happening. I know that you are not always going to be happy with Me when I am removing something from your life or adding something to it that you do not understand. I know that your life is not always going to seem like the easiest place for you to exist, and sometimes you are going to wonder where I am. You are going to face moments in your life when you question My presence, My power, and My plan. You are going to wonder if there is purpose for you in the seasons of dryness and pain. I know that you may find yourself wondering if the suffering will ever stop, if the light will ever dawn again. Rest My child. Rest in Me. Rest in the Truth that I know every plan I have for your life. Rest in the Truth that I know what needs to be in your life and what needs to be removed. Rest in Me. Rest in assurance that I always have your best interest at heart. Rest in the Truth that I will never do anything to harm you. Rest in assurance that you are Mine – and because you are Mine – you will always be taken care of. Even in this season of pruning, of stripping, of peeling back the layers – even in this season – I am still good. All things will still work together for your good. You belong to Me, and there is nothing that can change that. Fear not, I am with you. You are My daughter. And that is enough. Trust Me, I am doing a new thing – and one day you will perceive it.”

(Read Isaiah 55:8-9; Isaiah 43:19; Jeremiah 29:11, Isaiah 41:10)

Source: http://www.dot-k.com/


A little push, a little bit more of patience, and a lot of love.

“The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible.”

Richard M. Devos


There’s a fighter in all of us. Sometimes we just need a little push. A little inspiration. At some point in our lives, we all go through a rough patch. Some that we manage to handle quite easily and there are those that practically consumes our whole being to the point of feeling hopeless where the only option that we see is giving up. It can get so overwhelming and it is slowly breaking us into pieces that we can’t find any more reason as to why we should continue believing that what we’ve always wanted is meant for us.

We start to wonder whether chasing after our dream still makes any sense when nothing seems to materialize after all the hard work and effort that we’ve put into it. “How much more can I give? Is there a point to all of these? What if it’s not meant for me?” Our minds are filled with all these questions and we start to doubt ourselves. We start to doubt our abilities and our will power.

We’ve reached our breaking point. We have nothing more to give. But do we really just want to drop everything just like that? After everything that we have gone through? After all that hard work and dedication? We can’t give up now! It’s even more important to keep fighting and pushing towards our goal. Because just as we’re about to give up our dream is finally within reach. It’s just up to us to continue believing and striving for it.

We can’t lose our faith for as long as we are living there is hope. We wouldn’t put all the effort and make all that sacrifices if we didn’t believe that it’s possible in the first place.

Yes, it’s a lot of work. It’s a long process and we need a lot of patience, lots and lots of patience. But we know that it’s all worth it. It’s worth every blood, sweat and tear that we’ve put into it. It’s a test to our character.

How we overcome the challenges that we face towards reaching our goal is a testament to how much we believe in our dream and how much we believe in ourselves. We kept fighting for it because we know in the core of our hearts that we can make it happen and that it’s possible.

Just a little push is what we need.

A little bit more patience and a lot of love to keep us inspired