What It’s Like To Have You

And in that moment,
all the songs,
all the poems,
they suddenly made sense,
they were about you.

Isis Grace, Live Like It’s Heaven On Earth


In Twenty Years

In twenty years from now,
I don’t want to be just another name.

In twenty years from now,
I still want to be in your life.

In twenty years from now,
I want someone to stop you on the street,
Ask how you’re doing,
And bring up my name.

In twenty years from now,
I hope you say,
She’s waiting for me at home.


Isis Grace, Live Like It’s Heaven On Earth

This Is How I Knew You Love Me

You love me, and do
you know how I knew?
You showed me.

Isis Grace, Live Like It’s Heaven On Earth

Don’t Let The World Tear You Apart

Tell yourself, again and again, darling.
Tell yourself as many times as you need.
You won’t do it anymore.
You won’t put yourself through it.
You won’t impede on your breathing.
You won’t change the way you look,
the style that oozes from you,
the things you love,
the dreams you hold to your heart so tight.
You’ll stop putting yourself last.
You’ll stop checking in to what people might think.
You’ll let your heart go a little wild,
and do the leading for a while.
Start with baby steps.
Little things to implement each week.
But just NO MORE tearing yourself apart.
Yes, start there.

Don’t Quit!

There are days when you’re feeling on a downhill,
when you feel like everything is out of sync,
when you always end up doing the wrong things over and over again,
when you don’t have the will to carry on,
when you don’t feel like getting out of bed,
when a hug from someone you love is all you ever need,
when you feel like you have given out your best,
but you are still stuck on the same place that you were yesterday.
I may not know what you are going through right now,
but I can feel deep in my bones
that you are tired and exhausted.
Tired of what’s going on around you.
Tired of surviving.
Tired of thinking.
Tired of hoping.
Tired of trying.
At some point in your life,
how you wish things were easy,
but the more you try harder,
the more difficult things get.
Sometimes, we can’t make things right
or be at our best self if we are too exhausted.
Let me tell you this,
you deserve a break from whatever
is weighing you down.
Take a pause.
Get some sleep.
Go on vacation.
Talk to a friend.
Give yourself a warm bath.
Go to church.
Light a candle.
Read a book.
Go to the beach.
And when things feels a little lighter,
when you now have all the strength that you need,
challenges won’t be that hard anymore.
You can now think clearly.
You can now be at your best self.
You will make it through.
So darling, if you are tired,
please rest but DON’T QUIT.