Letting Go Of Control

“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.”

Sometimes I try really hard to control things.

In many ways, control gives me a sense of peace of mind.

When my team is doing what they are supposed to be doing, I can relax. When company is booming, I can relax. When I am getting what I want, I can relax. This control freakness doesn’t just apply for me at work.

I used to be this way about my body, and I notice these tendencies even pop up in my relationships, too. When I feel like I am in control, I feel free.

When I feel like I’m not in control, I feel frustrated, scared, and angry. It rocks my sense of security straight to my core.

It’s tough to admit, but it’s the truth.

I’m getting a lot better at relaxing without needing to be in control, and I’m realizing that the greatest control is in letting go of the need for it.

When I try to control, I get attached to how I think it should play out; I think I know the best way for things to happen. But many examples in my life have shown me that when I trust and let go of thinking I know best, the outcome is better than anything I could have imagined.

Letting go doesn’t mean giving up the desire, it means letting go of the struggle.

It’s exhausting needing to be in control all the time, isn’t it? And the truth really is that any sense of control that we think that we have is false anyway.

Our greatest power is in learning how to trust. When we focus on our desires with a sense of non-attachment to exactly how they unfold, it releases the blocks and opens us up to greater opportunity.

As a society, I feel like we need to remind each other often that an unhappy journey does not lead to a happy ending. It’s like we believe that if an achievement doesn’t involve stress or hardship, we don’t deserve it.

We do deserve it. and we do deserve a life built around a lot of ease and fun.

What’s one thing you do to let go and release stress?


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