Mental Health Over Everything

There is nothing wrong with wanting space, or time, or isolation. I don’t say any of that like it’s okay to cut yourself out of the picture completely, I’m just saying–You don’t always have to live in the moment.

Choose a movie marathon over a party if that’s what you need. Throw your attention to the stars if it’s too distracted anywhere else. Sleep in on the weekends and let your responsibilities realize they take you for granted.

Be honest enough to tell the people around you that life gets too heavy sometimes and you gotta check out.

There is nothing wrong with carving out a shelter apart from this dimension and putting everything on pause for a while. It’s got nothing to do with anyone or anything else, it’s about you.

Take care of yourself, even if it means you have to put life on hold for a bit. Time goes on, but we can pretend like it doesn’t. Because even though time is always ready to take us back again, you won’t always be ready to go.

Take mental health days, take daily breathers, they don’t make you fragile, they keep you strong.


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