Promise Me That You Won’t Give Up On Love

This is going to be about me and what I feel and this one is for us.

 I have come to terms with myself because I have learned my lessons.

Someone who is willing to move across the city and make someone else a priority deserves someone who is going to do just the same for them. So please keep that in my mind before giving up your life. Ask your person of interest if they would do the same for you. I now understand that a good man will pursue me with genuine intentions and consistent effort. We should never have to close our eyes at night and wonder if we are enough and if we are loved.

Someday, in the most strange and unforeseen place, love will find us. Maybe it will be with a coworker, or a stranger at the grocery store.

Just promise me that you won’t give up on love just because someone gave up on you. It’ll be there, just wait and see.


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