Know Your Worth and Add Taxes To It

We don’t have to spent our entire lives being so selfless as fuck and make people happy when all they did was just threw us away like shit. We should stop giving shits to people who wouldn’t even bother to give the shits back to us. We don’t have to let them take us for granted. We should not waste our time on them if it’ll just mean hurting us in the process. We don’t have to be fucking nice to everyone.

And, if someone’s treating us badly, we have the power not to tolerate it. We have to be strong so people won’t walk the shit all over us. We cannot allow them to just treat us like that, we need to recognize our worth. We’re all so afraid to lose them to the point that we lose ourselves in the process.

We have to learn and embrace self-love and self-worth ’cause we’re worth more than every fucking thing. We must not accept the love we just think we deserved. We should over value ourselves and know that we don’t deserve less than what we deserve. We deserve better. We should take care of our own feelings first. Sometimes it’s okay to think of our own and be selfish at times. Because at the end of everything, all we got is ourselves. So we better give a god damn shit to what we feel.

“Don’t expect anyone to love or respect you if you don’t fully love yourself first.”

If we don’t understand all these things, how do we expect others? If we don’t love ourselves then who else will? It sucks because we’re too busy searching for love when in fact we can just find it in ourselves.

We must love ourselves first before anyone else will. And if they cannot see our value and importance, it’s really time for us to know our self-worth. So if everyone else on this world fails us, at least we still have ourselves in the end. When we finally realize our worth, we’ll easily walk away from our shitty past and to the people who don’t deserve us. Because somehow in the end, we’re responsible for creating our own happiness in this life. But first, we must feel it on the inside.

Love yourself, darling. Always love yourself more and never lose yourself in the process. You’re worth it and someone’s going to show you the kind of love that you won’t even doubt and you won’t even question even just for a second.


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